What To Expect After A Car Accident

Most of us never expect to get into a car accident. When it happens, it can turn your life upside down. What will you use for transportation while the car is in the shop? How will you pay the high deductible on your health insurance? How do you go about filing a claim against the negligent driver's insurance? There are a lot of questions that most of just don't handle every day.

We often forget that an insurance policy is a contract. You are legally obligated to pay money to the insurance company and it is obligated to cover you for the cost of financial damages resulting from an accident. You make your payments on time. So why isn't the insurance company fulfilling its legal obligations?

If you were in a car accident in Middle Georgia and are worried about having to handle the details with the insurance company — either your own or the negligent driver's — let us answer your questions. At the Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk in Macon, we have been helping people deal with complex auto insurance matters for years. Attorney Jon Hawk has earned a reputation for providing aggressive, effective representation, backed by compassionate client service.

Delayed And Denied Claims

If you are wondering why dealing with the auto insurance company is so frustrating, it may help to remember that it is likely they do not want to pay you a fair settlement. . The insurer is in business to make money, not pay claims.

After a car accident, you may face:

  • Delays in the form of requiring further records and reports or taking too much time while making a decision. Usually, the more time that goes by the more difficult it may be to document your losses.
  • An offer of a low, quick settlement, in the hopes that you will accept the money just to put the problem behind you
  • A denied claim because of a coverage dispute

Turn Your Insurance Problem Over To A Car Accident Lawyer In Macon, GA

All of these frustrations with the insurance company come at the worst possible time. You may be trying to recover from your injuries or you may be dealing with the loss of a loved one who died in the accident. You may be trying to deal with the loss of income or possible loss of a job because of the accident. Does any of that sound as if it will fit neatly into the frustrations of negotiating a fair settlement with an insurance company?

At the Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk, we are ready to take over the problem and let you get back to your life. Call us at 478-757-6536 or use the convenient email form to arrange a chance to sit down with personal injury trial lawyer Jon Hawk to discuss your car accident insurance problem.