Dog Bites Can Result In Serious Injuries

A serious dog bite can leave an emotional and physical scar that may never heal. A vicious dog attack can result in deep tissue damage and muscle injuries that can mean a lifetime of pain and immobility.

If you live in Middle Georgia and have suffered a serious dog bite, you are entitled to hold the dog owner liable for financial damages to compensate you for:

  • Medical treatment and ongoing physical and emotional therapy
  • Lost income from time off of work and lost income potential over a lifetime
  • Pain and emotional damages

Don't Negotiate With The Dog Owner. Call A Dog Bite Lawyer In Middle Georgia.

Many pet owners will immediately try to negotiate what they think is a fair settlement for the dog bite. If you are the dog bite victim, the amount of money offered may seem fair, but don't accept it. Any private settlement you arrange will not bear any legal weight in the event of further problems with your injury or between you and the dog owner. Your best option is to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney.

At the personal injury Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk, in Macon, GA, we aggressively protect the rights of people who have suffered injury or lost a loved one as a result of other people's negligence. In Georgia, dog owners have strict liability for the behavior and actions of their pets.

Steps To Take If You Or A Family Member Has Suffered A Dog Bite Injury

  • Record the name and contact information of the dog's owner, if the owner is present at the scene.
  • Record details of the encounter with the dog. Was the dog on a leash? Did the owner try to restrain the dog? Did the owner give a warning about the dog's demeanor?
  • Record names and contact information of any witnesses at the scene.
  • Do not engage in any settlement discussion with the dog's owner.
  • Seek a medical evaluation and treatment, even if you do not think the bite is serious.
  • Talk to an experienced dog attack attorney with experience and knowledge of dog bite claims in your area.

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