Compassionate Wrongful Death Representation

A wrongful death case can arise out of any accident or incident in which one or more parties may be held liable for negligence, misconduct, recklessness or criminal conduct directly resulting in the death. In Georgia, the surviving members of a decedent (usually the spouse) have up to two years following the death to file a wrongful death lawsuit, but if the suit is filed on behalf of the estate, special circumstances may extend the timeline as much as seven years.

Hire A Macon Wrongful Death Lawyer Who Understands The Stakes

Every wrongful death case is actually two separate cases. First, your attorney will need to establish liability directly leading to the death of your loved one. In cases involving a criminal act in which the perpetrator has been arrested, charged and found guilty, this is not difficult. In cases involving a car accident or a workplace accident caused by a defective product, however, proving intentional negligence or misconduct becomes murky. It is important to have a lawyer with an in-depth understanding of the law and what evidence the courts will expect to see supporting your claim of related liability.

The second component of the case is often more emotional, as it requires determining the dollar value of your loved one's life. When the responsible insurance company sits down to negotiate a settlement, the amount of its original proposal is often shockingly low, as it is based on annual salary and earnings remaining after normal living expenses have been deducted. Your attorney must be prepared to take the case beyond the bottom-line dollars and cents and aggressively negotiate a settlement that means more than just an annual salary.

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