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Read What Clients Say About Jon Hawk

Jon cares a great deal about his clients and goes the extra mile to make sure their needs are met. As a husband, father, and member of the community, Jon knows how an injury sustained in an accident can affect people’s lives. As a personal injury attorney, he fights to help them recover the compensation they need to recover as much as possible.

An accident can leave you with medical expenses that only continue to accumulate. You may also be unable to work or take part in the activities you enjoy. But the insurance company may try to reduce or dismiss your claim. The Macon law firm of Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC stands up for people when they need help the most.

Jon knows how to build a strong case that the insurance company has to take seriously. He focuses on getting the results that are right for you. He’ll make sure any settlement or award from the insurance company meets your needs.

You’ll find a focus on personal attention at our firm. That’s why we limit the number of cases we take. That allows us to spend more time on your case.

Here are some comments from previous clients. To learn more about how Jon can help you, contact us for a free consultation.

After approaching legal representation for many years to no avail, he is the ONLY reason I have finally received Peace of Mind. And all of his assistance was done without the assurances he would be compensated. More than a Consummate Professional, he actually CARES! Thank you Jon!

George – 5 stars

Mr. Hawk and his staff are above Excellence, when it comes to his clients. I want everyone to know that they make all of your transitions smooth, so you don't have to worry about anything. They return phone calls and emails in a timely manner. Mr. Hawk is never too busy to call you or his staff. I truly recommend Mr. Hawk's law firm to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer to represent you in your case. I can go on and on about how professional they are and also, they do not treat you like you are bothering them... in other words, you are priority to them and not considered as a number to a case.

Carol – 5 stars

Jon Hawk was obtained to represent me in a former workers compensation case. The obstacle was a journey! However, Jon was the type of attorney every client would love to obtain. Jon advocated my decisions and me. He worked diligently on my case and helped to facilitate the process! He's consistently and constantly able to answer questions that may arise from your case.

Jon is a compassionate and caring individual that cares more for his clients, than obtaining funds from your case! If your hurt and can't figure out what to do, give Jon R. Hawk a call! He's going to be there for you from the beginning till the end and in the future! Although my case has ended, he's checks on me from time to time. I don't know if he'll ever be able to see this review. However, I would just like to take a second to Thank you again!

Latesha – 5 stars

You will never be disappointed when choosing to have Jon R. Hawk, Sr., LLC on your side. Mr. Hawk, along with his amazing staff, hold their clients to the upmost priority. Everyone in the office, especially Mr. Hawk, is kind and caring to everyone who walks in the door. They are more than happy to guide each client every step of the way. Mr. Hawk is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who knows what he is doing and I would highly recommend his services.

Anna – 5 stars

Excellent, kind, I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs legal service.

Angela – 5 stars

Absolutely Wonderful! This is the only attorney that I've ever had that shows concern and care for his clients! Your rehabilitation and well-being is this guy’s ultimate concern! Secondly, he will assure your rights and fair treatment!


Several years ago, I was injured in a work-related accident. After weeks of extensive medical care and surgeries, medical bills were coming in daily. With limited income and mounting bills, my wife and I knew we needed legal help. We were reluctant to contact an attorney due to our poor impression of them. However, after talking with Jon Hawk, we could see he was someone who genuinely cared. He, along with his team, came to our home and within days we were given assistance and peace of mind. Jon and his assistant quickly became friends to us, offering sound advice and calm reassurance. He completely changed how I feel about attorneys, as Jon and his team went above and beyond the call of duty. We are so thankful God put "this" attorney in our path and in our lives.


We loved having Jon Hawk as our attorney. He has fought for us and is still fighting for us. Honest man that has gone above and beyond our expectations. If not for Jon I don't know where we would be.

Highly recommend Jon R. Hawk.


Jon is a great lawyer. He is an extremely skilled litigator who uses his extensive trial experience to obtain successful results for his clients. Jon has taught many lawyers, including myself, the importance of helping injury victims and their families.

—Christy Childers, personal injury attorney

Mr. Jon Hawk is everything you would need or want in an attorney. He works totally for you, makes himself available, and keeps you up to date as problems arise or progress is made. He works well with colleagues and clients in a professional and courteous manner to benefit his client.


We have trusted Jon with our legal matters for many years. We would not trust anyone else with such important issues.


Mr. Hawk is the best you could ask for. Mr. Hawk has represented me for the second time, first in 2001 and now in 2015. In both cases my future was on the line. He won in 2001 and has a flawless case pending now. I could not be more confident in his ability to settle this case to meet my future needs. He is the best at what he does. Mr. Hawk is as ready to go to trial in my case rather than taking a settlement that makes him money and leaves me with unsettled issues. We are going to trial most likely in this case and he is more than ready to do so. I rate him the best and would not think of having anyone else in my corner representing me.