Pedestrian Accidents: New Technology Can Save Lives

Macon pedestrian accident attorneyEvery vehicle vs. pedestrian accident has a high likelihood of major – and often, permanent – injury. Even worse, pedestrian deaths have risen 46 percent since 2009, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway safety. Just recently in Macon, as reported by 13WMAZ, a 69-year-old pedestrian was killed when crossing Mercer University Drive.

Automakers know that vehicle-pedestrian contact is often fatal and are working on technology that makes walking near roadways less dangerous. One safety feature that shows great promise is an autobrake system that detects pedestrians, then brakes far faster than a human driver. Such systems were highlighted in a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) that gave nine of 11 small SUVs an advanced or superior rating for pedestrian crash prevention.

"We want to encourage manufacturers to include pedestrian detection capabilities as they equip more of their vehicles with automatic emergency braking systems," said David Aylor, IIHS’ manager of Active Safety Testing. "We also want to arm consumers with information about these systems so they can make smart choices when shopping for a new vehicle."

Which pedestrian accidents are most common?

The study tested three types of pedestrian accidents:

  • When an adult pedestrian on the right side of the road emerges into the path of a moving vehicle.
  • When a child darts into the street from behind a parked vehicle.
  • When an adult is walking in the vehicle’s travel lane near the edge of the road with their back to traffic.

Drivers are still dangerous

Unfortunately, technology can do only so much to protect pedestrians. Too many drivers are distracted – texting, talking on the phone, checking their email or adjusting the stereo. Others drive recklessly – speeding, changing lanes without signaling and failing to stop at crosswalks. And there are still drivers who operate their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.

As a pedestrian, no matter how careful you are, you can become a victim. Because you have no protection, you can suffer life-changing, and possibly life-threatening, injuries. You may be out of work for an extended period, unable to provide for your family as the bills pile up. An insurance company, aware that you are desperate, may try to pressure you into accepting a financial settlement that is far less than you either deserve or need.

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